Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Content

  • Be an expert on your topic: even if you may not know everything about your subject, it is critical to at least understand you are an authority on your knowledge base, beliefs and techniques.
  • Write with confidence: it instantly translates to your blog making it more relatable and professional. Example, When I first starting blogging I was leery about this idea. I knew how to run but I knew little about the actual sport, all the training a person needs and what people go through. I choose my topic actually for that reason, to learn two new things at once. To compensate for shortcomings in expertise on a subject, link to other blogs. This is how I got through the first few weeks and as I reviewed my blog I determined I was actually linking less and less and writing more as the semester progressed. I became more informed on how to start marathon training, running the race and running itself. This is because I was logging my experiences but also forced to read other blogs, informational sites and tips, the interest grew and I wanted to learn more throughout the blog time.
  • Variety of topics: it is a quick way to make you blog more appealing. I wanted to talk about training but it is not only about the workouts. In fact its less about the actual running and more about strategies with the diet and exercise and the programs which occur along the way. I talked about everything from diet to footwear to weird things runners to injuries. The other side to this process is that it brings more traffic to your site. For example, people might be training for a marathon but are looking for footwear advice, they might find the site and there is one more view. It makes your blog that much more interesting.
  • Having subgroups: will make your content fuller and readable
  • Strong layout: the amount of people online is tremendous and your job as a blogger is to get those readers to your blog and have them stay there for as long as possible. Just like in marketing you have to promote yourself in the best light.
  • Short, concise reads are more appealing: makes visitors to the site more compelled to stay. It should be written in a more conversational, informal, free voice then that of traditional writing. The visual look of your blog should be clear and neat as opposed to cluttered and unappealing.
  • Step back and review: How do you like blogs to look? Remove yourself from the situation and look at your content skeptically. If you look to other blogs for references it could aid in a better understanding of what you may want to try out. Which is also any other key trait; be willing to attempt new formatting and writing styles. However do not loose site of your original goal and idea for the end product, always remain true to yourself and your style of writing but tweaking it here and there will serve your audience better.

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