Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Harnessing Power of Social Media

(even Obe-One would have a problem using the force of social media)

  • Ask yourself, now what?: you have a blog, which is wonderful and exciting but new media is overloaded with content. It is more powerful and immeasurable then people think. Trying to harness that power of social media is an important part of blogging.
  • Linking and trackbacking: Linking is to bloggers like food is to people. It is how they get around and function properly. If you eat properly you will feel better then if you overindulge. A blogger has to remember good linking practices. They should link effectively with sites and medias that are compatible to their writing topics. Standard operating procedure of linking says, if you link to a another person’s content, tell them and they might link back to you, this is called track backs. I did this many times in my blog and I always ended up with another follower or at least a comment on the site. This is important since it opens the people they know, up to you as potential readers. It is also proper web etiquette to give create were it is due. If someone else writes a piece embed the link in your article. It will make you appear more professional.
  • Social Networking sites: Facebook and Twitter grabs at an already established collection of people. I linked my blog to my Facebook and received more comments there then on the actual site. However my philosophy is that at least they are reading and discussing my writing, which is the whole point of communications. If I used my Twitter more I would link that too. These sites are not to be taken lightly they provide immense potential. If used correctly people can view your blog through the sites or at least pick up the links and share them with their friends.
  • A blogger is not an island: you should use its resources to build bridges to other networks.
  • Create a strong blogroll: follow other people’s blog on the topics. This shows a more active interest in the field and subject matter. As previously discussed having a well-composed blogroll with result in potentially more traffic and opens all lines of communications up.
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization: it sounds more imposing then it is. This will be discussed later on but it basically makes the internet work for you not the other way around. Expanding you media literacy and sharing it with others will broaden the likelihood of success. SEO can have a positive impact on social media and if done properly this along with all the tips mentioned above will give a blogger that edge above the rest.

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