Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do you know how to tie your shoes?

This may seem a little strange but there are actually right and wrong ways to tie your shoes. Shoes are to a runner what a bat is to a baseball player. If they are too big or heavy they will only hinder training. Once you have selected the right shoes tying them is a whole neither…err.. ballgame. You begin with the lacing of the shoes. They should be done all the way to the top, not to tight because you need adequate blood flow but too loose means an embarrassing moment could await your next run. The real trick is the knotting process. There are two kinds the ref knot and the granny knot. The ref is the correct one to use. Essentially they should be done so the knot is firmly set directly in front of tongue of the show. The granny knot is the easier less presence alternative which can cause the tongue of the shoe to slide making for a less secure and stable fit and feel also creating a heavier delayed pickup. Here is a link to an article which no only diagrams the process but has an informative video. I know I know we were all taught how to tie with the exception of those adults who wear Velcro shoes. However it is important to take into account technique in a sport.


  1. Good stuff. I've never thought about how I tie my shoes. A company called Zoot has a shoe for Triathletes that you don't have to tie.

  2. i hate when they come loose...always go with the double knot...can't go wrong with the double knot.