Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maybe Sleeping in is Better

I hate running in the gym, its just stupid, its hot, it smells and frankly really boring. It also is not the most conducive environment for successful marathon running. It was such a beautiful day outside… little cold but nice so I decided to run twice today, in the morning and in the evening after dinner. There is something to be said for running early in the morning while most are asleep. Not only is it the satisfaction of knowing if I did nothing else for the rest of the day, I have already accomplished something. It also has an element of anticipation. While I am not running far, only a few miles, it builds anticipation for the next workout which could be later that day or several days out. This morning I smelled the crisp air, enjoyed the bright sun and was able to run further then normal without the assistance of an IPod. Since you can’t use these in the race it was rewarding.
Later in the evening after I gorged myself on dinner I decided another short run would be a good idea and the pie was just put in the oven. As most can tell the diet part of my training is a little lax right now. It was on this run I learned several new facts about running. The first is that it is NEVER a good idea to run after eating hot dogs as you will taste them throughout most of your workout. Two after dinner running is fine but the amount of people walking their rather large dogs has increased from the early morning. The final fact I learned today was that while evening running is ideal for some, it does not compare to running in the morning for me. All and all a great day of ‘relaxing’.
I found this interesting article it says morning runs are the worst time physically but mentally their better which in a case of a marathoner is perfect since its half mental.


  1. That is so true about running after eating. I ran this afternoon after a late lunch of sauerkrat, kielbasa and mashed potatoes. Not a good idea. I felt the heart burn and it was kind of coming back up while I was running. I probably only wait 40 mins to run so I should have waited longer. Don't eat that meal and run afterwards. No good.

  2. Good blog about running in the gym. I workout alot and the most boring part of my workout is running on the threadmill, it seem pointless to me.

    It is good to take a 30-40 min break after eating to workout. It can cause cramps and you will have a lack of energy in your workout.

  3. Running sucks unless there's some kind of activity to be done. I cannot run unless I'm playing basketball or being chased. Also, I'm poor and don't have an Ipod, so that may have something to do with it.