Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Guys

My name is Jen Carter as a graduating senior who works full-time and has an intensive internship I decided I needed to schedule in some relaxation time. For me traditional relaxation does not include sitting still, in fact while it has its time and place, staying still is not my strongest suite. It is out of this necessity that I choose to pick up running. In this blog I plan on chronicling my training process. I hope to reach the niche market of cause marathoners, who take on that extra responsibility of representing something more then themselves. I plan on talking about the process in its entirety from successes to failures, “hitting that wall” and making it. I will be also encompassing my interest for photography by adding pictures of what I find on my runs since that many miles is took long to not stop and enjoy the outdoors. I hope get information from veteran runners as well as tips on elements from nutrition to attire. I hope to share this long process with other beginners as I also take on the unfamiliar task of blogging. I hope to inspire and inform people about this lifestyle, maybe someone will decide to run for those who can’t.

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  1. Why did you insert your first post in two places? Why not simply write a short "About Me" paragraph for one, and a few introductory paragraphs summing up your blog's purpose in the other?