Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't Be That Guy at the Gym

Ok…so I try to remain as positive as I can but I’m getting on my soapbox. Proper gym etiquette is important and can only better those around you. My workout suffered because others missed these lessons.

So here are some of my rules with regard to gym etiquette.

1. When the gym is crowded give people room- It’s hot and everyone is in their element so BACK OFF! You do not own the place

2. Encroaching on others space is a NO GO- it’s an important concept that people forget

3. Clean your machine- I can see the sweat dripping of your face you need to clean it off

4. Even though I’m a little smaller girl does not mean I can’t be in the weight room with the bulky guys- move your muscles aside and let me do my workout.

5. If your making noises never heard in nature- your lifting to much

6. Stop walking around the locker-room naked it is not your house- put the hooters away

7. I know there are mirrors there, put it is not to check your hair out every five minutes

8. I also know it was YOU just excuse yourself to the bathroom believe me people wont notice you leaving but we will notice the major stench you are forcing on the rest of us.

9. Not that it happens often but I am not here for you to pick me up so don’t waste your time. Go for the ones with the matching workout clothes and makeup on.. they are there for a different reason….

--I’m goning wear this shirt to the gym next time

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  1. my favorite blog entry of all time Jen...funny...interesting...and cool...my favorite blog entry from you

    you could not me more dead on about gym etiquette

    to add to #6...in the men's locker room...i don't need to see you swinging your bat...PLEASE act like you have somewhere to be and get dressed faster.