Monday, March 2, 2009


Per a previous post I have listed some of my top songs that I never skip over no matter what time of day. My only tip would be to choose shorter songs unless you really like then because they can be distracting if there is a long instrumental section.

Here are the songs with YouTube links also some of the music has explicit lyrics:

What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong- it may be lame but I start every run listing to this song because it puts me in a good mindset (2:25)

Let it Be-The Beatles- This is always by first cooldown song be it right after a run or doing a stretch it reminds me to live everything from what I have thought about on my run to the my performance itself out on the road.(3:53)

Livin’ on a Prayer-Bon Jovi (4:11)

Revolution- The Beatles (3:27)

Youth of the Nation or Alive-P.O.D. (4:19)

Semi-Charmed Life-Third Eye Blind (4:29)

Best of You-The Foo Fighters (4:15)

Pardon Me-Incubus (3:45)

The Hand that Feeds-Nine Inch Nails (3:30)

Thriller- Black or White-Michael Jackson- (FYI-these are both the full music videos)

I have just started asking around to see who was listening to what and will be posting soon a compost list of what other people are listening to.

A few good ones that I have added are:

Vasoline-Stone Temple Pilots or Plush

Killing in the Name-Rage Against the Machine (5:13)

Any suggestions or comments........

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  1. four of your songs are some of the songs i never skip over either.

    I also don't skip over Biggie Smalls, Chris Cornell, 50 cent, and lately Lady Gaga...something about her voice is so sexy to me