Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I Run? Interview with Jonathan Carter

As an intermediate runner Jonathan, 26, finds himself at a constant flux period where he is more advanced then the beginners but has not been able to complete a full-marathon. He runs mostly cause half-marathons which would be the next step in my training.

Jen-What races have you run?

Jon- I have run several 5K’s and 2.5 mile races, Recently I completed a 5K Jingle Bell Run to raise money and awareness for the National Arthritis Foundation. It was also a qualifier for the Suntrust Half-Marathon in DC.

Jen- What race do you plan to run next?

Jon-I am scheduled to run a 3.5 miler to raise money for the nonpublic special education high school I work at. I am signed up for more races as the weather warms up and am able to train outside.

Jen- What would you say is your best memory about a race, either during training or the race itself ?

Jon- In general, my best memories of the races are after when I see whether I have achieved for surpassed my personal goals.

Jen-Hardest part?

Jon- Overall, the hardest part for me is maintaining consistency in training. There are many responsibilities at my job or as a graduate student, but I remember that I have an obligation to myself and whatever race I am running in. it is very easy to say, “I will do the training tomorrow,” but developing a routine and sticking to that schedule is the best strategy I have found.

Jen-What keeps you motivated?

Jon-I am motivated by trying to live a healthy lifestyle and meeting\exceeding personal goals. I also like the challenge in running, you are your only excuse.

Jen-Advice to beginning runners?

Jon-Challenge yourself, but be realistic and patient with yourself (I struggle with that sometimes). Know what your individual definition of success is and try to achieve that, but understand that there will be differing abilities and motivations for each person.

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