Monday, March 2, 2009

What I Listen To

Music can be an essential part for many runners. It is an intimate relationship for some runners, it is the sounds that fill their ears and mind. It can get you in the mood for a workout, or help push through a particularly tough run. It is can be used as a visualizing technique, an escaping tactic or simply as a running buddy.

I try to have a few playlists which vary in length, and should if I do it right last most of my workout. I am a little OCD so I have them broken down by what time of day I would be running. I have an early morning which has more somber artists including The Beatles, Jack Johnson and the Almost. Then there is a morning playlist which starts with slower songs by OAR and speeds up with Gym Class Heroes. My evening run playlist is shorter since I do more sprinting at that time. This has more 80’s rock from Pat Benatar to faster music from Jay-Z and Usher. Even though someone else bet me to the post, I figured I would give my prospective.

Look for my playlist which will have links to where you can listen to the songs.


  1. You repeat the last sentence in each paragraph and you've misspelled beat. I'd like to see your actual playlist.

  2. When i do get my butt off of the couch to go for a jog, i have to have music

    I can't run listening to nature and birds and stuff...give me hardcore rap and rock