Monday, March 16, 2009

The Lighter Side of Running

It was a dreary day which actually can be a blessing if you run a circuit at a park. The nice weather beckons everyone out and can become cumbersome trying to maneuver around the crowds.

Today however something interesting occurred which I feel compelled to share. I am a firm believer that having a workout companion can introduce another level of motivation unattainable elsewhere. I happened to be rounding a corner and noticed something new but not on first glance.

An older man was walking with what appeared to be a very small dog. However as I approached him to pass, I noticed it was no dog at all… rather it was a rabbit… (I’ll let that sink in…)

Yes… a rabbit, I mean I have heard of ferrets, dogs and other small animals but a bunny, literally hopping along acting as your workout buddy. All five-pounds of tan and copper colored fur, slouched ears and wide curious eyes were looking up at me. When I asked the man if that was indeed a rabbit he confirmed my suspicious and accepted my inquisitive look as a normal reaction. He walks with her twice a week in order to keep her high blood-pressure under control.

Well I guess it is true… it does take all kinds and you never have a camera when you find those people.

P.S. The rabbits name was Butterscotch and she enjoys this particular path because she has friends that her owner a Mr. Jackson allows her to socialize with.

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  1. A rabbit? Really?

    What's next a fish? No.

    That's interesting