Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Very Superstitous

It's not just an awesome song by Stevie Wonder, for many its a way of life. Runners like most other athletes suffer from what I like to call S-V-C or superstitious verging on crazy. These range from your, must run on the same path every Thursdays to having to eat three bananas before noon in order to avoid cramping. The sport lends itself to routines and rituals since its very nature centers on such actions.

Sports are loaded with superstitious that are impossibly odd and out of place.
According to a poll taken by about.com

About Poll
Do You Have Competition Superstitions or Rituals?
Nope(61) 18%

Yes, I eat a certain food (64) 19%

Yes, I wear a specific item (111) 34%

Yes, I do a pre-race ritual (36) 11%

Yes, something else (53) 16%

Total Selections: 325

One of the more superstitious actions runners partake in generally come before they set off. Some do the same stretches others eat weird foods. After speaking to some other runners most wear their favorite underwear, socks (odd), shirts and shorts the day of the race. Above all most said not to eat anything out of the ordinary, on the big day.

I am kind of superstitious myself, especially when it comes to sports. Before I set off I always take three deep breaths and get in the right state-of-mind. I do have a favorite pair of shorts which I will be wearing at the race.

These will helpfully get others not to feel ashamed of superstitions.


  1. Hmmm...what kind of weirdo eats 3 bananas a day...that is superstitious...one seems like more than enough...or so i've been told

    i have brought it down to 2 bananas a day...but doubled my oranges...i bleed vitamin c

  2. How does eating bananas affect your workout routine? What is the connection between fruit and cramps?