Sunday, March 8, 2009

Which Shoe is Right?

Finding the correct shoes are an essential part of running. I recently had to purchase a new pair and went in search of a better shoe since their purpose has changed from every day shoes to training.

There are varies shoes not just for ascetic purposes but also because no two feet are the same. My feet are different sizes actually. I credit my older brother for a deformed toe after a practical joke went horribly wrong. Nevertheless no two feet are equal. So it is important, unless you have money to waste, to investigate a little before purchasing.

There are three things to consider when buying running shoes. As a starting point, brands are not important; Nike’s, Asics, Adidas, etc are all relatively similar. I happen to like Nike so that’s what I buy but whatever you’re comfortable with is best. Also consider you finances, the most expansive does not mean the best but cheaper shoes may not be worth the pain they will cause.
  1. First consider what type of arch you have. Look at your foot and see if you have a high, flat or normal arch. If you are unsure of your arch try the wet test.
  2. Next think of how you run and consider your “strike.” Strike falls into three categories, heel, forefoot or mid-foot.
  3. Stride is the final component to consider. Figure out if you are a pronator meaning you push off from the outer part of your foot (small toes to large toes); possibly a supinater meaning you push off your instep (large to small toes) or neutral stride pattern meaning you push off evenly.

Take into account for what purpose you are purchasing the shoes. A marathon runner does not need the same shoe are a pace walker or even a training sprinter.

If this you have any issues like shin splits, knee pains or other injuries your shoes maybe the cause and consider getting a professional opinion.

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  1. good points on what to consider...but here is something not to consider...Fashion...

    You are running not walking the runway...your shoes don't need to look good, but feel good

    for me as long as the shoes are breathable it's all good