Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bottoms Up

So I was at the gym today and I saw a woman drinking a Diet Coke while working out... I began to wonder if that can be good for you. Turns out that just happens to be what works for her. I was well-mannered enough to not tell her the problem with her drink selection, the lack of nutrients, influx of chemicals and excess sugars that your body is trying to expend.

But to each-his-own:

Staying well hydrated is one of the most important parts of running... well any thing really but especially running.

It is suggested that an average sedentary person should have between 8-12, 8-12 oz glasses of water per day. That includes water in foods and other beverages. However most people barely get that.

If you are running i recommend drinking a bottle of water at least in the morning before you run. let it get absorbed. Then during your run keep a half full water bottle with you. This way you wont over drink and get the hiccups or burps.

Then when your done try and drink again. Energy drinks and other electrolyte infused beverages are okay but watch whats in that stuff. I usually just put oranges or lemons inside my Nalgene. A little twist to keep it interesting.


  1. Actually I think I have the opposite problem.
    Just like my banana problem, I like to drink way too much water before, and during my run.

    Just don't EVER drink milk before a run.

  2. Jennifer, you KNOW that diet coke is the drink of champions!