Sunday, April 12, 2009

Injured try Sombra Gel

So no run today I really wanted to but I hurt my neck. If I have learned anything in the process it is to get better first and work harder after.

I used this stuff my chiropractor suggested Sombra. It is an all natural cooling gel and does not smell nearly as bad as Bengay or Icy Hot. It has has mostly campour and menthol in it. But also aloe vera, green tea extract and a bunch of other all natural ingredients which I am all about. It is pretty awesome because it is not sticky and lasts for a while. If you prefer they have heating gels.

You just smooth it on and let it work its magic. You can pick it up at most natural super markets... Whole Foods, Harris Teeters or you can grab it online for like 8 bucks. Or do a Google search for the products. Also any doctor, chiro, sports med or Physical Theorist could order it for you.

On the plus side I started a new book and a puzzle... I know lame but hey it takes all kinds right...

Seriously though high recommend the gel

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