Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to Eat before a Run

What to eat before running? (try eating an hour or so before you workout)

First and foremost... it is important to know your body. If you are like me and run in the morning you are going to need to eat a bigger breakfast because you have very little energy stored since you have been inactive for at least 6-8 hours. But don't eat to much

While it may not be ideal I try to eat a "carby" breakfast which also has good sugars. I eat a granola or oatmeal (regular flavor with a little maple syrup or brown sugar on top) and a fruit typically bananas. I eat the banana to word of those nasty cramps and the granola is a good source of energy and fills me up for a long run.
You could also eat eggs.. a great source of protein... egg whites can be dressed up tons of ways.

As for drinks. I try to have a bottle of water before I run. If you are dehydrated forget about working out because you are going to get a cramp which may rival birthing pains... not that I can really compare the two but I know cramps hurt.

All and all eat something that you know will be filling but be a good source of energy. Vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals are important as well. If you like protein shakes they are a good idea to consume after you workout. It will refill your system with what you may have lost during the workout. But those proteins bars may not be the best idea either. This runner had an issue with them.

Gatorade, vitamin water or drinks like that are alright but remember they are loaded with sugar, sodium and other ingredients that may not be the best for you. Try a fruit shake with a low-fat milk or yogurt base.

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