Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weakness for Pancakes

So it is almost race week and I am excited and nervous. I sadly have recently developed a chest pain which has hindered my workouts slightly. However, I am trying to work with the injury and hope it is nothing serious.

Because of this, I began to wonder more and more about the smaller goals and what I will be able to do after the race is completed.

I have a little system that seems to work for me. I gave up one thing, usually a food item that is not the best for me. I give it up for a week and then the following week i allow myself to eat it again and hope I won't crave it.

So far during this race process I have had a lot of success giving up chips, fries, and pop-tarts (believe me that wasn't easy). However there is one staple of my diet that I am missing terribly. I have been living with the secret that I am indeed addicted to the round, floury, sugary, piles of deliciousness.

I am addicted to pancakes. I miss them especially on Sunday mornings when I do a later run and usually that is the only day I do not have anything else to do.

I am proud of myself that I have not eaten them in almost two months and I can not wait. I am going to be reunited with the steaming piles of surpy amazingness the day after my race. I plan on making a stop in Nashville, TN at the pancake pantry.

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