Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Personal Goals

I just wanted to share what happens in the final days before a race. You should be getting over that hump and adding on those last few miles or concentrate on shaving down your time...

For me, since I have hit a few snags in the road (excuse the pun) I am not quite as far as I would like to be. However if you focus on what you have not accomplished yet then you will never get there.

Instead rework your goals. Right now I want to complete 10 minute miles. This morning I hit a personal best.. a 13 minute mile. I know that's so slow for some but for me that is an amazing accomplishment. I am not a sprinter nor have I ever been super fast so I was elated when I saw the time.

I actually went to find my brother at the gym to tell him that. people thought I was nuts and so did he but I didn't really care.

Its the personal milestones that matter in marathoning. You can adjust for life, because hey it happens. It is also good to have a variety in your milestones, be it time, distance or just finishing. Yes have an ultimate goal but it is as it should be ... one step at a time

---The rest of these week I am aiming for longer distances not time.

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  1. damn right...i'm no Bernard Lagot...i say it's a successful day of working out if i just go out and make the effort.