Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Stretching is crucial in a good run. you can do as little or as much as you like but you need to do it. it can prevent muscle sourness the next day. However to much stretching after a workout could lessen the speed at which you see results.

To illustrate what I mean this is my stretching routine:


  • (calf) Go to a wall or crib and I put pad of my foot against it, be about a foot from the object... then lean towards the crib or wall until I feel a pull. Hold for 5-15 seconds, repeat 1 once more then switch legs.
  • (quads) Stand and raise ankle to opposite hand (left leg to right hand, etc) behind me. Hold the position for 5-15 seconds. Switch legs.
  • (hamis) Spread legs a little more then hip width apart and reach down to touch ankle hold 5-15 secs, then move to the center hold, then go to the right side and finish back in the center
  • (hamis) If I am at the gym because i have really tight hamstrings I use a light resistance band (red or green usually) and laying down on my back put the band around the instep of my foot. I raise my leg towards my upper chest till i feel the pull and hold. Then switch legs
  • (shoulders) sit cross-legged on mat and put one shoulder behind head hold for 15- 20 sec. then switch arms (should feel pull up triceps and in rubs)If that is to hard try doing it in front of you
  • (neck) Staying cross-legged, rotate head slowly from side to side traces a line with your chin on your collarbone (do this slowly for max impact)
  • (hands-wrists) pull one hand towards you and then away holding each motion for 5-10 sec. before switching
These vary defending on what part of me feels tight but I repeat this pattern after I run, holding for 5 seconds longer for each one. The time frames are almost a guesstamate, sometimes if you hold the calf stretch to long you could get a sneezed muscle for example , so be careful. Fell your body and listen to what it is tell you. if you are in pain then it is time to ease up.

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  1. Hmmm...I never thought about stretching my neck, shoulders or wrists.

    I'll try that next time