Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day Three: Night Before the Race

We got into Oklahoma a few hours ago. I first thing I did when checking in was tell the manager that I was running the marathon. I recommend any person go to a major event like a marathon mention this. We ended up getting a deal on our room and even discovered that they were going to have breakfast earlier.

I met up with the other person I am running the race with and we decided to go “carb-up” for the early start time.However if you are ever in OK don’t I repeat don’t go to the Spaghetti Warehouse. (pictured below)

It was located in this really cool part of town, called Bricktown. Its like Power Plant in Baltimore but cleaner. The service was unbelievably slow. The food was good, however considering that it took us over three hours to get in, eat and leave, the food was not worth it. I did however enjoy the company very much so I can’t complain too bad.

Tomorrows the race and I am so excited and nervous at the same time… I better try and get some rest.

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