Friday, April 17, 2009

The Final Push

I really hate that phrase but that is the best way to classify this time period. Since the race is only a few days away I was really lacking the motivation to hit my mileage mark.

So I looked to find other motivation techniques and tips which might help re-energize my pysci...

An article from Runner's World gave a more preemptive approach to motivation.

Marc Parent who writes the Newbie Chronicles for Runner's World says the best motivation is running with a partner who is at your level.

Parent has a good point but there has to be something more for new runners. I usually try plan out my runs and make sure i have natural landmarks. this way even if I am running to a place and back I know I am coming up on say Giant or a gas station. I could stop and stretch quickly or continue.

The task become less cumbersome that way, you know you are going to hit a certain point and you have covered so much distance. I also like to plan my runs out using Google Maps. It gives exact mileages and you can plan different routes given you time, distance and location preference.

I guess the real motivation at this point is to finish the race and do the best you can... try and hit he miles and prove you can complete the task you signed up for...

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