Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day Three: On the Road

I miss my food… I don’t claim to have the best diet but I really really miss my semi-healthy foods.

If I have to eat anymore junk food I’m going to scream. I feel all tired and slow. I miss my salads, my veggies, fruits, whole grains. I thought the Holiday Inn I was staying at had whole wheat bread but it was some weird tasting faux-bread. GROSS, next road trip I will pack much more healthy alternatives. I blew through my trail mix and all my fruits a while ago. My advice to travelers who want to stick to a diet… BRING YOUR OWN STUFF, also bring water and drink that when driving.

( see what I mean (the picture to the right) this was our dinner one night ... it was SOOOO good but so bad for you)

---So I am on the final leg of my road trip out to OKC. I am currently in Kansas and at the risk of being ignorant… it is so flat I bet if I squinted I could see Maryland. On the speedometer we have driven 1350 miles and it is starting to get a little old. But there is defiantly something to be said for seeing America through a little backseat window from my sisters Taurus.

People give the Midwest a bad-wrap but they are such nice people out here. I word on the different types of people…I have traveled down south and it is the same type of personality. However this is more working people who will talk only when prompted. In the south people will talk to you first. Up north people don’t really bother outside their own comfort zone unless it is a small community. It’s a slower pace out here but it’s enjoyable.

Not much has changed since the last time I was out here. It has been about eight years and really the only difference in Kansas City where my grandma lived and my mom grew up, is that it has been added onto.

That’s really all for now, it’s back to my little window and more cows. But it is nice to see the pride people take in their land and their stock. It is a cool feeling seeing different places.

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